We need to gather over 117,578 valid Oregon signatures to get this on the ballot by July 6, 2018. We are grassroots supported organization. Everytime you ask a neighbor or friend to sign the petition it is like donating money to the campaign.

Some important things you can do.


1. Send the Single Signer Sheet to your friends and family and ask them to print, sign and send the sheet.

2. Carry a 10-line circulator petition and ask people you know to sign your petition.


You must observe each person personally sign the 10-line petition.  Follow the instructions and witness the petition by signing the circulator portion at the bottom of the petition. 

Request copies of the 10-line petition signature sheet in the form below. Tell us how many signature sheets you need. 


3.  Volunteer to promote this petition.  Do you have a venue to bring in one of our speakers to educate voters about this petition?  We need volunteers from signature gathering to hosting an event.  Please contact us to help.

4. Donate to help support the costs to put this initiative on the ballot. 

Volunteer, submit your request for petitions or idea here: 


Become part of the team!
Let's get this initiative on the ballot!