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The Oregon legislature just decided to give Oregon ID, permits and driver cards to illegal aliens despite the overwhelming defeat of Measure 88 that also tried to give ID and licenses to illegal aliens in 2014. Measure 88 was defeated by 66% of the vote.
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by Janice Dysinger  03/20/28

President Obama illegally gave relief to DACA [Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals] and TPS [Temporary Protected Status] enrollees. President Trump rescinded that order.  Unfortunately, pro-illegal alien interests permeate Oregon DMV administration. Prior to the 2018 legislative session, we did not know that the DMV has used the Administrative rule-making process to give driver cards to DACA and TPS registrants even as Measure 88 was defeated in 2014.  Although the Oregon Department of Transportation says that only citizens and those with legal presence are allowed to get any ID, permit, or license, it is a fact that whether DACA enrollees have a legal presence is in debate and before the courts now awaiting rulings.  So, claiming that DACA enrollees have legal status is jumping the gun in their favor and short-changing citizens expressly voted wishes.

The Real ID bill was passed in 2017 to met the federal requirements of the DHS for requirements for air travel. This Legislative session, a bill was introduced, HB4111, to meet some of the funding requirements that surfaced over the implementation of the Real ID bill.  Subsequently, HB4111 was highjacked with an amendment that makes the progressive pro-sanctuary policy DMV administrative rules part of the Oregon Revised Statutes. This amended bill passed through the legislature through contorted means and public outcry but ended up passing, primarily due to Democrat support.

The Amendment to the bill stipulated that DACA and TPS enrollees did not have to prove legal presence and that their documentation could NOT be verified by DMV. The documentation and ID were completely exempted from verification while Americans have to have a certified birth certificate to get a license. Americans are not allowed to get short-term licenses.  DACA and TPS only have to present an unverified work authorization document. A document you can apply and print online. After the DACA and TPS enrollees get their license they can then use that license and a voter registration card or school ID to get a real verifiable work authorization card from USCIS.

Non-citizens are getting on our voter rolls!! Post automatic voter registration, I did a records request for non-citizens on our voter rolls. Using Jury recusal forms, Multnomah County Elections gave me a list of foreign nationals removed due to the fact that the jurors claimed they were non-citizens. The voter registration system is broken. The verification of basic requirement called for in the Oregon and US Constitution, that being US citizenship, are not there. We use a Driver's license or Social Security for ID, both of which are available to non-citizens. We make sure their mailing address is valid, but do not verify their residence. The only thing we do require is Name, Birthday, Mailing address and Signature, (none of which are required by our Constitutions). ORS 247.012(4)(a) 

"Except as provided in ORS 247.125, if a registration card is legible, accurate and contains, at a minimum, the registrant’s name, residence address, date of birth and signature, the county clerk shall register the person."
Citizenship is vital if the vote is to be the voice of the American People.

Oregonians for Immigration Reform is collecting signatures to Stop Oregon Sanctuaries by repealing ORS181A.820. Please sign Initiative Petition #22:

Oregonians for Fair Elections has Initiative Petition #5 to require voters to prove citizenship. You can sign that petition at this link:  http:://