Red Alert!

Oregonians for Fair Elections has joined other Oregonians in calling for Senate Republicans to walk out!
What else do we have left to preserve our freedom? A walkout…to deny quorum!
There are numerous bills pending in the Senate and House to compromise the security and integrity of election processes in Oregon.

Democrats Senator Dembrow’s SJR 25SB776 and Representative Rayfield, Neron, Ruiz, Sollman, Senator Dembrow, Steiner Hayward’s HB 2679 call for 16 and 17 year olds to vote Though they would be shielded from Election Observation as they are still considered protected minors in our law. Election workers would have to segregate 196,000 16 and 17 year old voters from the election observation process,
Democrat Representative Salinas, Senator Gelser, Representative Bynum, Sollman, Senator Democrat Dembrow sponsored HB2366 would allow felons to register and vote while in prison,
Democrat Representative Rayfield sponsored HB 2681 reduces voter roll list maintenance requirements. No one would be removed from voter rolls for any time of not voting in the past or having an inaccurate address. Currently there is a 10 year time frame voters still get ballots without voting. Our voter rolls would decline in accuracy each year as ballots pile up in every apartment and dormitory mail room year after year!
Senator Dembrow, Representative Rayfield, and Senator Golden sponsored SB791 and SB 343 rank choice voting schemes would weaken security by introducing vulnerable back doors in tabulator counting software that will enable ballot weighting in non rank choice voting races. This is a corruptible process that has been forensically verified in Michigan elections.
Democrat Representative Rayfield, Senator Dembrow sponsored HJR 11 would allow same day voter registration.
Democrat Representative Wilde sponsored HB 2226 and Democrat Representative Alonso Leon HB 2687 brings ballot harvesting and delay in the voting process by allowing ballots to make their way from across the globe up to 10 days after election day,
No sponsored listed for SB249 which would weaken security by allowing ballots to be opened up and counted weeks before the election.
Democrat Representative Fahey and Zika sponsored HB2499 allows anyone ever in contact with Oregon Health Authority to be registered without a signature on file. Current law says that there must be a signature on file in order to be registered.
Democrat Representative Pham sponsored HB2745 gives option to display race identity on the election registration cards.

None of the bills improve fair elections, but instead weakens the process.

Is this the Oregon you want? Disorganized, inaccurate voter rolls, ballots piling up in mail rooms, lack of sunshine on the election process, children as pawns in the election process, corruptible tabulators, felons voting, people showing up at senior homes demanding you give them your ballot, open ballots sitting around election offices, stealthy ballots arriving at the elections office 10 days after election day to change our elections, bringing in bus loads of people to register on election day and last but not least make race the defining factor of our state elections.

if you haven’t called the Republican Senators to walk out, now is the day! Here are their numbers: