This is HB2681, that stops voter list maintenance in Oregon. It takes away the requirement for a voter's address to be accurate while on the Active voter list. It also takes away the requirement that the voter must vote in the last 10 years and now says you don't ever have to vote to be on the Active voter list.

 From the Clean Voter Rolls website

HB2681 was signed into Oregon law in the 2021 legislative session. This bill basically stops voter list maintenance. This bill is due to go into effect on Sept  25th, 2021. If it goes into effect, then no one will be required to keep their voter registration address up to date, or be required to vote for 'any  period of time.'  They will still be on Oregon's ACTIVE voter list. Decades could pass before they vote. Oregon voter rolls will become dirty and bloated.  

The previous statute required voters to vote at least every 10 years and keep their address up to date in order to be considered an active voter and get a ballot.
 They have a  very short time to get the almost 75 thousand signatures by Sept 24th, 2021 that are required for this referendum. If they get Referendum 302 qualified then HB2681 will not go into effect on Sept 25, 2021 but will be placed on the 2022 ballot to be decided by the  voters in Oregon.

Clean voter rolls are the hallmark of good elections. Let Oregon voters decide if they want this bill.