Citizens can lobby the legislature in a number of ways. You can contact your legislator by calling 800-332-2313, and they will find your legislator by zip code. Citizens can also submit testimony to the public hearing on any bill, and it will become part of the permanent record for that bill. Here are other ways to contact the committee or legislator:

FEB 14: HB2585 and HB2107, Hearing on Feb 14th!

HB2585 Ends Automatic Voter Registration
HB2585 ends automatic voter registrtion through Oregon Motor Voter. Hearing is set for 02/14/23 WE SUPPORT HB2585. Your simple testimony at this link by filling out the form and clicking the button makes a difference. You can submit testimony untill 02/15/23 at 3 PM Call your legislator after that call your legislature at 8003322313.

HB2107 Extends Automatic Voter Registration to Oregon Health Authority.
Extends automatic voter registration to Oregon Health Authority in certain circumstances. Hearing is set for 02/14/23 at 1:00 PM. We OPPOSE HB2107! The voter not the state should be in charge of their own registration! You can submit testimony HERE until 02/15/23 at 3 PM.

An Amendmet for HB2107 is posted to OLIS that substitutes this bill, as a gut and stuff bill. We Oppose HB2107 as presented. The ammendment is an improvement in that it requires the DMV to provide proof of citizenhip. Still it takes the voter registration process away from the individual citizen.

other bills:

HJR4 has been canceled for the time being! YAY!: 
Proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution providing for same-day voter registration. 

HJR4 was schduled for a hearing on 02/14/23 but has been taken off the schedule as of Friday, 02/10/23.
Refers proposed amendment to people for their approval or rejection at next regular general
We OPPOSE HJR4 as voter registration needs to be a separate event from voting to allow  elections office to verify voter qualification and mailing address. 

SB417 Public Record Cost Reduction. 
Status: In Senate Rules Committee. Public Hearing heald 02/07/23
We SUPPORT this SB417!
Directs public bodies to perform search, review and duplication work in responding to public records requests in least expensive manner reasonably possible. We support this bill.

Call 8003322313.You can ask for your Senator by your zip code. Tell them you support thiss bill to reduce the cost of public records.

SB579: Incarcerated Felon Voting
Status: In Senate Judiciary Committee, Public Hearing held 01/26/23

We OPPOSE this SB579!
Let Committee member know you oppose the bill. email to the committee members:; Sen.KimThatcher@; Sen.SaraGelser@; sen.DennisLinthicum@; or Call your Senator at 8003322313.