Thank you for donating to the only PAC working to verify Oregon voter rolls contain only citizens.

Americans, nationwide agree with you with 7 out of 10 voters in support this effort.

Your help will get this petition on the ballot.

You can also send donations to:

       Oregonians for Fair Elections

       2570 Greenwood Road S

       Independence, OR 97351

The state of Oregon requires that you give your occupation and employer when you donate to a Political Action         Committee, so please include that information when you send your donation.
Donations are needed to rent booths at fairs and public gatherings to collect signatures, advertising, office expenses i.e, printing petitions, mailing petitions, signs, and website. 


At Oregonians for Fair Elections, our team is committed to prudently using these donations to get initiative #5 on the ballot so you can vote on it. Oregonians for Fair Election's board is made up of volunteers just like you. They do not receive any compensation for their work on this initiative. Currently, we do not have any paid signature gatherers. At some point, we may hire signature gatherers, if we receive enough donations. We must gather over 117,578 signatures to get this on the ballot. Those signatures must be turned in by July, 2018. Please help with your donation.

Thank you!