The Strategy of Election Chaos

Chaos puts the election results in question, giving opportunity to alter the outcome. Read Electotal Chaos
Once results are known then there is knowledge of how many ballots are needed to change close races. Extending the time only gives opportunity to for clandestine ballots to manipulate the count.

It doesn’t make sense for good governance to inject opportunities to commit fraud.

Register or Update Your Voter Registration

This link goes to the Oregon Secretary of State website for voter Registration. Keep your registration up to date.

Oregonians for Fair Elections

Absolute Interference Movie

How 19 Chinese attacks on our election system changed the 2020 election!

#Corrupt Politicans Act

Contact: Sen. Ron Wyden,

and Sen Jeff Merkley


seeks to federalize elections

corrupt election processes

stop free speech

Election Integrity Groups and Social Media pages:

Oregonians for Fair Elections
Facebook page:

Oregon Abigail Adams: Donna Bleiiler

My Party Was Changed Oregon Facebook group: Nicole Chaisson

Oregon Peoples Vote: Ian and Amy Watts  Jenn Decker Oregon

Oregon Voices United:  Gab Social: Facebook: Oregon Voices Unite (OVU):

 Join Oregon Citizens Lobby to advocate for good election law.

Sign Referendum 302,
Give the voters a voice to reject HB2681.

Oregon Legislature passed HB2581. This bill basically guts voter list maintenance by allowing the voters address to be out of date and inaccurate. We don't know where the voter is located. They also are no longer required to vote withing any time frame. These are key indicators that the voter is inactive.  Oregon used to require a voter to vote within a 5 year time or be removed. A few years ago under Dennis Richardson the time requirement was moved to 10 years or the voter would be removed. HB2681 takes away any time requirement. It could be 10, 20, 30 or more years.
Oregon law allows for a referendum to be used to bring any bill that does not have an emergency clause to be placed on the ballot if the people can gather just under 75 thousand signatures. Referendum 302 is such an effort to get this before the people and let them decide if they want to allow our voter rolls to become bloated and out of date.
Here is HB2681: removing the time frame for voting and the requirement to update a voter registration address.
Here is the single signer page you need to download, print, sign

and mail it to the chief petitioner's address, listed on the page.
Clean Voter Rolls website

Contact your Legislator

The above link will allow you to put your address in and find your legislator and contact info. Send them an email or give them a call.

The Legislature is in recess.

They are planning the next sesion.
Talk to your legislator about your concerns.

How ballots get weighted rather than just counted using Rank Choice algorithm. Explaination at 16 minutes in video.

 Northwest Observer article on

 Rank Choice Voting