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Initiative Petition #5 requires all Oregon voters prove they are US citizens. After the measure passes, all current Oregon voters will have 2 years to show proof of citizenship to remain on the voter rolls. They will only need to prove they are a citizen one time. New voters will show proof at registration.

See the Initiative Petition Ballot Text for all the ways you can prove citizenship. 

Under Oregon Revised Statues, you can register to vote in Oregon via paper applications without showing any proof of citizenship. You only need to say you are a citizen. 

247.208 "(4)(a) Except as provided in ORS 247.125, if a registration card is legible, accurate and contains, at a minimum, the registrant’s name, residence address, date of birth and signature, the county clerk shall register the person." 


State Approved Ballot Title: Oregon Initiative Petition #5 for 2018 Election
"Amends Constitution: All current voter registrations expire in 2020;
registration requires “provid[ing]” citizenship documents/otherwise proving citizenship"

Result of “Yes” Vote: “Yes” vote results in expiration of all current voter registrations in two years. To register, voter must “provide” specified citizenship documents, otherwise verify/prove citizenship.

Result of “No” Vote: “No” vote continues the current system allowing in-person, online, mailed voter registration for all elections with attestation of citizenship. Voter registrations do not expire.

Summary: Current voter registration expires two years after proposed measure passes; to vote, all current voters must re-register. Proposed measure provides no funding, sets no deadline for county clerks to complete registrations. Under current law, voters may register by submitting registration card online/by mail/in person; voter must attest United States citizenship. Felony criminal penalties for providing false attestation. Driver and Motor Vehicle Division (DMV) submits information received from individuals to Secretary of State; if DMV information documents citizenship, individuals are registered to vote unless they opt out. Proposed measure requires applicant to “provide” specified documents proving citizenship. If specified documents are unavailable, state must request verification by federal Immigration and Naturalization Service. Secretary of State holds hearing on request if no federal response received.


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Section 2 of the US Constitution allows states to decide who are the electors in each state. The Oregon Constitution Section 2, says CITIZENS are the electors.

Currently, in Oregon, no proof of citizenship is required.

There are almost 10,000 Oregon voters who have not given ID. These are Active and Inactive non-HAVA compliant voters. (Inactive voters can become active voters by simply updating their address.) They have only claimed that they are citizens. Non-HAVA compliant voters are not allowed to vote in Federal elections. They are allowed to vote in all state, and local elections. We believe all voters should qualify equally.


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