Oregonians for Fair Elections


This Week at the Legislature, June 11-16, 2021
You are the only hope for Oregon! Please contact your Legislator NOW!

Make sure you let your *legislator knows that you expect them  to vote no on the following bills! Find legislators at links above and at bottom of page.

HB2499 Has been amended
This bill has was amended to allow additional departments and organizations to expand automatic voter registration. A WORK SESSION was held June 8th and the committee gut and stuffed the bill again with the -3 amendment  that will allow them to gather name and address information from the Revenue department. It will also allow 3rd party organizationato gather information from voters and submit it electronically to the Secretary of States Office. They passed the bill out of the committee and referred the amended bill to the Ways and Means Committee. Call your legislator to tell them NO ON Amended HB2499!

HB3291A  ALLOWS LATE VOTING. HB3291A has been altered with removing the old contents and amending the bill with a whole new bill (its called gutting and stuffing at the legislature) Now this bill will instead allow voters to mail a ballot on election day and then accept it up to 7 days later after the election! Meanwhile the elections office will announce results updates. This is a perfect set up to allow voter fraud. The US postal system is out of the elections office control. The Legislators are considering allowing any ballot arriving within the 7 days to be considered postmarked by election day too, even without a postal indicator.
The Senate had a Public Hearing on June 8th. See testimony. HB3291 has been rescheduled for a work session on June 13th at 1:00 PM. Call your legislator and tell them No!


SB 865 Prohibits person from simultaneously serving as holder of state office and as officer of state central committee of political party. Please submit testimony. This bill was designed to remove the recently elected officers of the State GOP. Political Party Bylaws are the established governing rules for the election of the party leaders. Asking the Majority Democratic State Legislature to interfer with these established rules violates common sense. It is the wrong venue. Tell the Republicans that brought this bill to take up their grievences with their State GOP Bylaws committee and drop the bill. No meeting current scheduled.

SB 776 Permits individual who is 16 or 17 years of age and registered to vote to cast ballot in school district elections. No meeting scheduled currently.

SB571 Allows felons to register and vote from prison. Has been moved to Ways and Means. The last committee voted to expand the measure from felons in prison to all jail and detention centers. The fiscal impact is 407K going forward for each 2 years budget. Watch HB571 and submit testimony as soon as it has a public hearing in Ways and Means committee. In the meantime we can write or call our own legislators to tell them to stop this bill. The house bill HB2366 on the same subject has already had a public hearing. No meeting scheduled currently.

SB 313 would in addition to required current county delegates, permits state central committee of political party to include as voting member any additional individuals designated by party. Destroys the grass roots elements to political parties. No current meeting scheduled.


HB2681A was passed on May 28th. HB2681A Stops Voter List Maintenance, will remove the requirement that a voter update their voter registration mailing address or vote during a 10 years time frame in order to remain on the active voter list. This bill says no such requirement for any length of time is required. The potential for abuse is staggering. Homeless shelters and any landmark current serve as valid addresses. Please call your legislators to tell them No on this bill. This is a horrible bill and will make it easy to cheat.

*Here is the map query to find your legislator: https://www.oregonlegislature.gov/FindYourLegislator/leg-districts.html
**Testimony on a bill is only allowed for the 24 hour time surrounding a bill that is scheduled for a Public Hearing. Outside of that time frame a voter can call their legislator to give them their opinion and ask the legislator to vote yes or no. Still important, but less influence. So public testimony is important.