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 At the Legislature pending in Senate Committee On Judiciary and Ballot Measure 110 Implementation. Eight Democrats are sponsoring a bill to allow felons to vote while serving in prison

SB 571 restores  voting rights of  felons while incarcerated. But what about the rights taken from a victims?

This bill has been moved to Ways and Means cmt.
Read more at the Northwest Observer.

Rank Choice Voting

Oregon Legislature introduces  SB 343 which permits counties to adopt ranked-choice voting to conduct county elections and SB 791 which establishes ranked choice voting as voting method for selecting winner of nomination for and election to nonpartisan state offices and county and city offices except where home rule charter applies. 
How will this affect the safety of our overall elections? Will this allow weighted ballot counting?

Read more here: Ranked Choice Voting

Dirty Voter Rolls Allow Election Fraud

New Movie Scientific Proof explains Shadow Voters effect on 2020 election

Voter List Maintenance

Rep Dan Rayfield (D) Corvalis sponsored HB2681 which proposes to never removing voters from the voter rolls for not voting or updating their address. Currently you have 10 years to get a ballot without voting before being removed from the voter rolls. This bill leaves voters on the rolls for ever without voting. This is how we get shadow voters. An opportunity for fraudl Our voter rolls would never be cleaned.

Read the problems of having an Eternal Voter Registration list.

Legislative Work Session on April 6th, 2021 at 1 PM

The Strategy of Election Chaos

Chaos puts the election results in question, giving opportunity to alter the outcome. Read Electotal Chaos
Once results are known then there is knowledge of how many ballots are needed to change close races. Extending the time only gives opportunity to for clandestine ballots to manipulate the count.

It doesn’t make sense for good governance to inject opportunities to commit fraud.

Should Oregon Allow Felon Voting from Prison?

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 Northwest Observer article on

 Rank Choice Voting

How ballots get weighted rather than just counted using Rank Choice algorithm. Explaination at 16 minutes in video.

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